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  • Welcome to Bridgman High School

    Bridgman High School (BHS) is a public high school in a small town located on Lake Michigan, in the southwestern corner of the state. Weko Beach is a popular tourist attraction, and we have many visitors during the summer who frequent our community because of our beautiful beaches. 

    Supporting students academically and socially-emotionally, as well as preparing them for post-secondary opportunities is our goal at BHS. We set high academic expectations for all students while promoting equity and access.

    We are committed to preparing students to be life-long learners by making sure all students are prepared for post-secondary opportunities. In addition to our high rigor and academic expectations, we are also committed to offering students many college-credit and career opportunities in high school. We offer several in-house Advanced Placement (AP) classes and additional courses in which students can take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test for college credit. Even though we are a small school, we want to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible. BHS has a large student population enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE) and Early Middle College (EMC) 

    At BHS, we provide resources to inspire resilient and collaborative critical thinkers.

    Bridgman Students Are:

    Quality Producers… who collaboratively and/or independently create intellectual, artistic, practical and physical products which reflect originality, high standards and the use of advanced technologies.

    Responsible Learners… who formulate constructive, positive attitudes and values in order to create a vision for their future, set priorities and goals, create options and take responsibility for pursuing these goals while monitoring and evaluating their progress.

    Critical Thinkers… who identify, access, integrate and use available resources and information to question, reason, and make decisions and solve complex problems in a variety of contexts.
    Effective Communicators by using process skills and creative expression.

    Community and Global Contributors… who use their time, energy and talents cooperatively to enhance the quality of life, preserve the environment and promote mutual respects.

    Effective Life Managers… who develop constructive interpersonal relationships and strive for physical, emotional and social growth.

    We want all graduating Bridgman High School students to fit this profile, and we design our curricula accordingly.


    Bridgman Public Schools is delighted to announce the release of the US News and World Report 2024
    Best Elementary Schools and Best Middle Schools rankings.  
    Bridgman Public Schools has reason to celebrate, as Bridgman Elementary has been awarded a Best Elementary badge and F.C. Reed has earned a Best Middle School badge for securing positions within the top 40% in the state.  
    In elementary schools, Bridgman stands out with an outstanding overall rank of 18 out of 2,654 elementary schools across the State of Michigan.  This achievement places Bridgman Elementary well ahead of our local counterparts.  
    In middle school, Bridgman continues to shine with F.C. Reed Middle School secured an impressive ranking of 55 out of 2,026 across the State of Michigan.  The district's commitment to providing quality education is evident in comparison to other schools in the area.  
    Bridgman High School continues the trend of excellence, achieving a remarkable 34 out of 1,166 ranking in the State of Michigan.  This places Bridgman ahead of all other local high schools. 
    The Bridgman Public School District attributes this success to the hard work and dedication of its students, teachers, and staff, as well as the ongoing support of parents and community members.  The district remains committed to providing a top-tier education that prepares students for future success.  
    You can find more information about U.S. News Best Elementary Schools and Best Middle Schools -- including methodology, badge eligibility, promotional options, and how to access the rankings -- on this Best Schools information page.



  • Eagle School

    Bridgman High School
    9964 Gast Road
    Bridgman, MI 49106
    PH: 269.465.6848
    FX: 269.466.0355

    Gerald Heath, Principal

    Attendance: 269.466.0290


  • Building Opens: 7:30 A.M.
    Breakfast : 7:30 A.M. – 7:55 A.M.
    Start/End Times: 7:55A.M.-3:00P.M.
    Half-Day: 7:55 A.M. – 11:20 A.M.
    2 Hour Delay: 9:55 A.M.- 3:00 P.M.
    Office Hours: 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M