• Extra Curricular Activities

    Class of 2024

    Congratulations to the following students for being selected for the Senior Class Student Senate Representatives.
    Senior Class Student Senate Reps:
    • Clark Smith
    • Anne Scott
    • Sophia Fenech
    Please, congratulate the following students for being selected the Senior Class Officers:
    Senior Class Officers

    Advisors: Mrs. Krietner and Mrs. Lundin

    Class of 2025

    Advisors: Mr. Peters and Mrs. Church

    Class of 2026

    Advisors: Mr. Kruzel and Mrs. Griffiths

    Class of 2027

    Advisors: Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Wedde

    Art Club

    Art Club is a group of students who share a common interest in art. Art Club promotes creativity, community, and art production. During meetings we create projects that are beyond what you would create in a regular art class ranging from pumpkin carving to community murals. Additionally, we ask art professionals to attend some meetings to discuss their careers. Past speakers include a Tattoo Artist, TV Makeup Artist, and a Textile Designer. Art Club provides activities for students of all levels of interests and abilities. You do not have to have any prior art experience to join the Art Club. Art Club meets every other week throughout the school year in the Art Room.
    Advisor: Mr. Zapor



    Advisor: Mrs. McGee

    Drama Club 

    Advisor: Mrs. Ammerman  

    Advisor: Mr. Noll

    FIRST Robotics (a joint team with neighboring schools)

    mascot 2959

    This past weekend the CW Tech Robotarians, FRC team #2959, competed in their second event of the season at Grand Valley State University. The team put a lot of hard work into improving the robot and award presentations since the St Joseph event. The effort paid off with significantly improved robot performance and smoother presentations.
    The team ended in 19th place after qualifications and was selected by the number 5 alliance to compete in eliminations. The alliance had a strong potential to win the event, but some robot problems hampered the performance. The alliance was eliminated after their first round win.
    With the team's competition season ended, they will now turn to off season activities. Outreach to spread the word about team 2959 and FIRST throughout all of their communities. Robot analysis and testing for better future performance, including participating in off season competitions. Recruiting new members and training any interested (e.g. CAD, programming, wiring, etc.).

    FIRST Robotics Competition team #2959, the CW Tech Robotarians; is an award winning multi-school team formed to design, build and compete in HS level robotics games. A new game each year requires a new robot to tackle the challenges. We also need artists, writers, and spirit to market the team and cheer them on to the win!

    We meet Mon-Fri 5:30 pm - 8 pm/Sat 11 am - 5 pm. Build space at Ausco Products, Inc (Door 19); 2245 Pipestone Rd.

    Check us out at the following Links: www.robotarians.orghttps://www.thebluealliance.com/team/2959https://www.facebook.com/team2959https://www.youtube.com/team2959https://www.instagram.com/cwtech2959/ ,www.firstinspires.org

    Learn from and work with industry professionals with opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and future employment. Our team has qualified for the state competition most years and 4 times for the world competition, including last year in Houston, TX. For more information, email cwtech2959@gmail.com.

    CW Tech Robotarians
    Check out this year's challenge at:First Robotics 2023

    Mr. K. Russell
    Mentor - FRC #2959 CW Tech Robotarians

    Gay Straight Alliance

    GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) is a student-led school club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all students. The three pillars of GSA are Advocacy, Education, and Community. Students in GSA are Advocates for kindness and respect, they Educate others about diversity and acceptance, and they work to create a safer Community for everyone. GSA meets every other week throughout the school year in the Art Room. 
    Advisor: Mr. Zapor

    Glee Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Ammerman


    Advisor: Ms. Schmid

    Key Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Conklin

    National Honor Society 

    The National Honor Society is an organization composed of 11th and 12th graders who promote the qualities of leadership, service, character and scholarship. Students serve by recycling every week and tutoring their peers in pass lab.  They also run fundraisers to help the school and community organizations. 
    Eligible students are invited to apply spring of sophomore and junior year.

    Advisors: Mrs. Harding and Mrs.Maxwell

    Orange Crush

    Join Orange Crush to support the BHS sports teams, show your school spirit, and have a lot of fun! We meet as needed, so keep an eye on the Commons Slides. See the Orange Crush's upcoming schedule at: Orange Crush Schedule
    Advisor: Mrs. Haskins

    Quiz Bowl
    Advisor: Mr. Nicka

    SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

    Advisor: Mrs. Kreitner

    School Musical/Play

    Advisor: Mrs. Ammerman

    Science Olympiad
    Advisor: Mrs. Kreitner

    Student Senate

    Advisor: Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Countess

    Advisor: Mr. Zapor


  • Mission: We provide resources to inspire resilient and collaborative critical thinkers.

    Vision: As a community, we prepare and support all students for lifelong learning.

    Beliefs: We want all Bridgman students to be:

    1. Quality Producers
    2. Responsible Learners
    3. Critical Thinkers
    4. Community and Global Contributors
    5. Effective Life Managers